Dan Reeves deserves to be in Hall of Fame

Selecting coaches for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame over players seems a misappropriation of the few slots available for entry into Canton. The players have and always will be what makes the NFL great. They leave their blood, sweat and at times body parts on the field while coaches are safe on the sidelines. That being said there are some coaches that have achieved a level of excellence deserving to be in those hallowed halls. One of those coaches in particular is Dan Reeves.

Reeves has been to a total of seven Super Bowls as a coach, winning one as an assistant coach with the Cowboys. As a head coach he has taken two different teams to the Super Bowl, three in a four year period with the Denver Broncos. He was coach of the year twice and stands in ninth place all-time for victories as a head coach. Those are remarkable credentials.

Those unwilling to say he deserves induction into Canton emphasize the four Super Bowl losses as a head coach. Unfortunately, his teams were significantly outmatched with talent. That is just too hard to overcome by great coaching alone on the biggest stage. Many coaches never even sniff the big dance let alone four.

Reeves has more victories than Bill Parcells who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013. Parcells was credited with turning around losing franchises as one of his claims to fame. Reeves did the same thing. He took over a Giants team that was 6-10 the previous season and the very next season took them to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. With the Falcons, a notoriously horrible franchise, he got a team that was 3-13 and within two years had them in the Super Bowl.

Even though coaches should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame regularly, Reeves has earned the right to have his bronze bust placed among the very best in Canton.

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