At Gridiron Orange we believe that the Denver Broncos franchise is the greatest in all of sports. We also believe that dedicated and knowledgeable fans want realistic and straightforward reporting with strong football knowledge when it comes to all things Broncos, including news and opinion.  Simply, that means we won’t sugar coat articles just because we love the Broncos and we will put as much effort as we can into research before writing.

Gridiron Orange understands that large sports networks have to stretch themselves too thin when reporting and therefore cannot dedicate enough attention into a single sports team.  They leave out so much necessary detail for a successful team like the Broncos who have a large and passionate fan base.  We understand that Broncos fans need more.  The site was started in 2014 and the perspective here at Gridiron Orange comes from over three decades of Broncos fandom and football knowledge.  GO Broncos!

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  1. Great to see another post about how great the team is in general/overall. I am on a mission to see our Broncos claim the title of the best winning percentage in all regular season games played over the 50 seasons of the NFL. That is since it merged with the AFL in 1970 and Denver quit being the worst AFL of the
    original 8! 2020 will be that season #50 and just so happens to be the 100th of the entire NFL. It’s gonna be big baby and my NFL Since 1970 publication is a way to keep taps on the progress of our attempt to run down the Steelers for that top spot!

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